JCB Service Exchange Parts


JCB remanufactured parts can restore machines to their optimum condition at a more affordable price.

The JCB Service Exchange aims to deliver the best, fastest and most economical parts service available as major repair or component replacement is not only expensive but the added inconvenience of lost work caused by machine downtime can also be detrimental to businesses.

JCB Service Exchange parts are supplied fully assembled and ready for installation. JCB dealers carry large stocks, supported by the World Parts Centre to guarantee rapid availability and JCB engineers will fit parts for customers on-site.

The risk of not using genuine JCB parts is great as manufacturers of non-genuine alternatives do not have access to original technical data, so these parts can be designed and manufactured from inferior materials within poor tolerances. There is a real risk these parts will not fit correctly, resulting in rapid wear, poor performance and reliability, higher oil and fuel consumption and often component damage or engine failure.

The use of JCB’s remanufactured parts ensures the integrity of the machine is retained – maximizing component and engine performance. They are designed to match individual engine characteristics across the whole range and will fit first time.

Catering for JCB’s entire machine range, parts available through the JCB Service Exchange Programme include:

complete engines, engine ancillaries, fuel injection equipment, turbochargers, water pumps, radiators, starter motors, alternators, electronic equipment, JCB transmissions, ZF transmissions, axles, clutches, torque converters, transmission oil coolers, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic rams, hydraulic oil coolers, hydraulic motors and valve blocks.

Furthermore, customers can purchase a remanufactured long engine, which consists of; engine block, crankshaft assembly, liners, pistons and rings, con rods, front and rear seals, cylinder head and head gasket, all fully assembled ready to fit.

Furthermore, as the requirement for environmentally sound business practices becomes increasingly important, the JCB Service Exchange provides products that not only meet the highest quality standards; they meet emission standards as well.

Many remanufactured parts are upgraded to incorporate the latest technology, whilst minimising waste and enabling JCB to effectively recycle many tonnes of componentry.