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Utility 2wd/4wd
All models feature:

  • longitudinal mounted OHV liquid-cooled 4-stroke engines
  • electronic fuel injection, electric start
  • switchable 2/4wd with TraxLok®
  • double-wishbone front suspension
  • AP-type® torque sensitive front limited-slip differential
  • 14.7 litre fuel tank (reserve = 4.9L).





Honda Fourtrax 2/4WD
• 420cc
• 5 forward / 1 reverse gears
• Manual shift with automatic clutch
• Power Steering (PS)


Also available in green

Honda 420 TRX FM2

Manual Shift (MS), Power Steering (PS)
Manufacturer: Honda
Ref: FM2
Depot: Bentham

The Honda Fourtrax gives an unbeatable combination of serious capability with nimble handling and great efficiency. Designed from the ground up using Computer Aided Design and applying our world-class expertise in engineering, the Fourtrax is built to make a whole host of daily tasks easier and more comfortable.
This model features a manual 5-speed transmission and Power Steering (PS), ideal for those who want to enjoy spending long hours in the saddle.

£8,780.00 +VAT